Gillard's Rentals
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Pictured is our obstacle course.  Its dimensions are 58'L x 12'W x12' H.  It is a 2 piece obstacle course.  The first is a 7 element course that makes you hurdle, dive, and duck through pylons, the second piece is a tall slide that takes you to the finish line. All ages can enjoy this inflatable.  You can rent either section seperately if you choose.  Rent me for 200.00
Pictured above is our two lane 30' Bungee Run.  Two competitors compete against each other to see who can put their velcro sleeve farther than the other persons before the bungee snaps you back to the beginning.  Rent me for 150.00
Above is our velcro wall.  Run, jump, and defy gravity as you hang on the wall in all sorts of weird positions.  Rent me for 150.00
Who is the best gladiator in the land?  Rent the new joust and find out!  Guaranteed to be loads of fun!!  Rent me for 150.00
New for 2011 is our 31' Obstacle Course.  It packs alot of punch in small format.  Rent it for 150.00.  We have two of these
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