Gillard's Rentals
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Pictured is our 13x13 Lightning Mcqueen Cars bounce house.  Rent it for 120.00
Pictured is our castle/slide.  It is a 15x15 bounce house with a slide attached.  It can accomodate up to 8 children at at time.  This is ideal for birthday parties and backyard barbecues.  Rent me for 120.00
This is our barn bounce house.  Its size is 15x15 and will accomodate up to 8 kids at a time.  It is our most affordable inflatable.   Rent me for 120.00
This is our 18' dry slide.  all ages can enjoy this slide, from youngsters to adults.  Rent me for 175.00
Pictured above is a 13x13 boxing ring, comes with 2pr oversized boxing gloves, so get your friends and see who is the next Rocky Balboa.   This also can be rented as bounce house  without the boxing gloves.   Rent me for 150.00
Our recently added Disney Princess bounce house combo.  It has a large bounce area, plus has a nice sized slide inside.  Rent me for $150.00
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