Gillard's Rentals
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We not only rent inflatables, we rent sno cone, cotton candy, and popcorn machines too.  We carry all the necessary supplies to go along with the machines.  We offer 5 flavors of syrup for the sno cones, cherry, orange, root beer, blue raspberry, and grape.  We also carry 8 flavors of cotton candy,  silly nilly(pink), boo blue(blue raspberry), bubble gum(tutti fruiti), wacky watermelon, and spookie fruiti(grape) Pina Colada (yellow), Orange, and Sassy Apple (green).  We also have the cotton candy cones and bags.
Our popcorn machine makes delicious popcorn, we carry the convenient packaged popcorn kits that have the pre-measured popcorn, oil and salt all in one bag.

Recently added is a Bubble blowing machine, which are great for weddings, birthday parties, and summer cookouts.  Also new is our cow milking game. 1 or 2 people race against a time to see who can milk the cow the fastest.  Its a barn burner of a good time.  Another thing to rent is our baggo/cornhole game. 
This game is sweeping the country.  We have also added a dunk tank to our fleet of rentals.  Another game is our radar pitch baseball game, we can set it up and you can throw baseballs to see who throws the fastest and guess how fast  your final throw will be.
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